Stationery Office, School

PRINTEC has already begun its effort to consolidate a huge variety and list of products that are needed by offices, schools and Universities. Very soon, you will find this section updated with a VARIETY that brings you to say, “YES, this where we find all of it!” PRINTEC will have dedicated sections for pre-school, school & university students. Products that are real time need and special products and materials for kids, children and professional students for home projects, school workshops, science workshops and professional student project materials!

A SPECIAL UNIQUE ID and MEMBERSHIP CARD will be provided to all the children & students who can REGISTER FOR FREE. Parents can jointly register with their children and be a JOINT MEMBER. All registered members will have unique benefits including SPECIAL FACTORY PRICES! The same MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS are extended to the Teachers and Administration/Support staff of these schools and universities.  This membership card is a humble effort from PRINTEC to provide best-subsidized  products and services to school and university students.

We encourage all students, parents and school & university members to REGISTER for FREE and become a member today and avail much resource!

We encourage and prompt you to send us your desired list of products, services and some not very commonly available products that may be your desire to procure and we will put our global efforts to bring them to you.

Please fill out the ENQUIRY FORM for this and you will have a dedicated account manager attend to you.